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Power and Market
2006 edition
Author(s) Murray N. Rothbard
Country United States
Subject(s) Economics
Genre(s) Non-fiction
Publisher Institute for Humane Studies
Publication date 1970
Media type Print
Pages 225
OCLC Number 96138

Power and Market: Government and the Economy is a 1970 book by Murray Rothbard in which he analyzes the negative effects of the various kinds of government intervention, and denies that the State is either necessary or useful. It was originally part of his 1962 book Man, Economy, and State but was removed before publication for various reasons[1] and later published under the above title. It was reunited with the 4th edition of Man, Economy, and State in 2004 in the volume sub-titled "The Scholar's Edition" from the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Table of contents[]

  1. Defense Services on the Free Market (Full text) (Study Guide in PDF format)
  2. Fundamentals of Intervention (Full text) (Study Guide in PDF format)
  3. Triangular Intervention (Full text) (Study Guide in PDF format)
  4. Binary Intervention: Taxation (Full text) (Study Guide in PDF format)
  5. Binary Intervention: Government Expenditures (Full text) (Study Guide in PDF format)
  6. Antimarket Ethics: A Praxeological Critique (Full text) (Study Guide in PDF format)
  7. Conclusion: Economics and Public Policy (Full text) (Study Guide in PDF format)

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