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Planning for Freedom, and other essays and addresses, is an collection of essays and articles by Austrian School economist Ludwig von Mises. It was first published by Libertarian Press in 1952.


The contents are articles Mises wrote from 1945 on, on various aspects of the laissez-faire vs. socialism debate. The main thesis of the book is that there is no "third way" or middle way between laissez faire and socialism.

The first edition contained 12 articles, the second 13, and the fourth had 17.

Contents of the 4th edition
  1. "Planning for Freedom" - address to the American Academy of Political and Social Science, March 30, 1945.
  2. "Laissez Faire or Dictatorship" - Plain Talk, January 1949.
  3. "Capital Supply and American Prosperity" (4th edition) -
  4. "Middle-of-the-road Policy Leads to Socialism" - address to the University Club of New York, April 18, 1950.
  5. "Inflation and Price Control " - Commercial and Financial Chronicle, December 20, 1945.
  6. "Economic Aspects of the Pension Problem" - Commercial and Financial Chronicle, February 23, 1950
  7. "Wages, Unemployment and Inflation" (2nd edition) - Christian Economics, March 4, 1958.
  8. "The Gold Problem" (4th edition) - The Freeman, June 1965.
  9. "Benjamin M. Anderson Challenges the Philosophy of the Pseudo-Progressives" - Plain Talk, February 1950.
  10. "Lord Keynes and Say's Law" - The Freeman, October 30, 1950.
  11. "Stones into Bread, the Keynesian Miracle" - Plain Talk, March 1948
  12. "Liberty and its Antithesis" (4th 3dition) - Christian Economics, August 1, 1960.
  13. "The Political Chances of Genuine Liberalism" - Farmand, February. 17, 1951.
  14. "My Contributions to Economic Theory" (4th edition) - address to the Economics Faculty of New York University at the Faculty Club, November 20, 1940.
  15. "Economic Teaching at the Universities" - The Freeman, April 7, 1952.
  16. "Trends Can Change" - The Freeman, February. 12, 1951.
  17. "Profit and Loss" - address to the Mont Pelerin Society, September 1951.



  • Planning for Freedom, and Other Essays and Addresses. South Holland, IL: Libertarian Press, 1952.
  • Second edition, enlarged (adds "Wages, Unemployment and Inflation"). South Holland, IL: Libertarian Press, 1962.
  • Third (memorial) edition, enlarged (1962 edition with various addenda). South Holland, IL: Libertarian Press, 1974.
  • Fourth edition, enlarged (1974 edition plus four more Mises essays and "The Essential von Mises" by Murray N. Rothbard (1973)). South Holland, IL: Libertarian Press, 1980.


  • Spanish: Planificaci?n para la Libertad y Otros Diecis?is Ensayos y Conferencias (translated and edited by Alberto Benegas Lynch from the Planning 1980, with addenda). Buenos Aires: Centro de Estudios Sobre la Libertad, 1986.

Except where noted, bibliographical information courtesy the Ludwig von Mises Institute.[1]

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