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Party of Free Citizens
Strana svobodných občanů
Leader Petr Mach
Founded 14 February 2009
Headquarters Perucká 2196/14
120 00 Prague 2
Ideology Conservatism
Economic liberalism
International affiliation Interlibertarians
Colours Green and White

The Party of Free Citizens or Free Citizens Party[1] (Strana svobodných občanů, Svobodní) is a eurosceptic political party in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 2009 by Petr Mach, an external economic advisor of Czech president Václav Klaus.

It ran in the 2009 EP election in the Czech Republic; among its goals are the failure of the Treaty of Lisbon and forcing a referendum on introduction of the euro in the Czech Republic. It was in talks with Declan Ganley to be part of his EU-wide Libertas movement, but the talks failed.[2] Its logo is a ram on a green field.[3][4]


  • Party of Free Citizens is against revolution and prefers slow, evolutionary changes.
  • They prefer personal freedom and tolerance and are not nationalistic.
  • They are libertarian, anti-centralistic, and support free market and Austrian School. They want to restrict state control over finance distribution to minimum.

Election results[]

Chamber of Deputies[]

Year # of total votes Vote % Seats
2010 38 897 0,74% 0
2013 122 564 2,47% 0

European Parliament[]

Year # of total votes Vote % Seats
2009 29 846 1,27%


2014 79 540 5,24%


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