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Template:Recentdeath Neil Reynolds (1940 - May 19, 2013) was a Canadian journalist, editor and one-time politician.

Career in journalism[]

Born in Kingston, Ontario in 1940,[1] Reynolds dropped out of high school and became a journalist.[2]

After working as a journalist at the Sarnia Observer and the London Free Press he became city editor of the Toronto Star, leaving in 1974 to join the Kingston Whig-Standard, becoming its editor-in-chief in 1978.[1] [2]

Reynolds became editor-in-chief of the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal and Saint John Times-Globe in 1992.Template:Citation needed He was hired by Conrad Black as editor-in-chief of the Ottawa Citizen in 1996 and remained there until 2000 when he became editor-in-chief at the Vancouver Sun until 2003.[2]

He then moved to back Ottawa, Ontario and inn 2007, he and his wife, Donna, bought Diplomat & International Canada, a magazine published in Ottawa.Template:Citation needed In September 2009, he became Editor-at-Large of three daily newspapers owned by Brunswick News Inc, including the Telegraph-Journal.[3] Reynolds ended his career as a columnist for the Report on Business section of the Globe and Mail, submitting what would be his final column in the summer of 2012.[2]


Although he had been a supporter of the New Democratic Party in earlier years, he entered politics as the Libertarian Party of Canada's candidate in the 1982 by-election in the riding of Leeds–Grenville. He won 13.4% of the vote, which was the highest percentage vote ever garnered by a Libertarian Party of Canada candidate, either then or since.Template:Citation needed In May 1982, he became the party's leader, but resigned in 1983 in order to continue his career in journalism.Template:Citation needed


Reynolds' widow, Donna Jacobs, is an Ottawa-based freelance feature writer and columnist. He died on May 19, 2013, of cancer at the age of 72, leaving his wife, three children, and grandchildren.[2]


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