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Template:No footnotes Nancy Lord was the vice-presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party (United States) in the U.S. presidential election, 1992


Lord completed undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Maryland. She earned her law degree from Georgetown University. Until 1983, Lord was employed by Abbott Laboratories, where she authored the successful new drug application for benzodiazepine hypnotic ("ProSom"). After leaving Abbott, Lord worked as an independent consultant in the areas of pharmaceutical development, medical malpractice, and toxicology.

Lord ran for the Libertarian presidential nomination at the Ausust 1991 convention. She lost to Andre Marrou, but was nominated as Marrou's running mate. Marrou and Lord placed fourth in the popular vote with 290,087 votes (0.28%). Lord has served on the boards of directors for NORML and for the Fully Informed Jury Association and wrote the introduction to the original edition of You and the Police by Boston T. Party. She lives in Pahrump, Nevada and practices before state and federal courts.

In 2010 she ran in the Republican Party nomination for District Attorney in Nye County, receiving 29% of the vote.[1]

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