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Libertarians (Libertários, LIBER) is a political party in Brazil founded in 2005.[1] It is registered as a civil association and is pursuing the support of 500.000 Brazilian electors in order to obtain full party registration with the Brazilian Electoral Court (Tribunal Superior Eleitoral).

The current chairman is Bernardo Santoro, from Rio de Janeiro.


The idea to create the Libertarians party first came up through discussions in the Orkut social network. The first member was Fernando Fiori Chiocca, who started to unite people around this idea. The next step was made by Juliano Torres, who scheduled a meeting in Belo Horizonte in which a provisional national leadership was established. Since then, LIBER has been growing throughout Brazil. The party has a major presence in social networks.

Libertários is affiliated to Interlibertarians (Libertarian International).

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