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Libertarian Party of Georgia


Chairperson Daniel N. Adams
Vice-Chair Stephen Vasil
Treasurer David Kornbluh
Secretary David Shock

LNC Region 1

Founded 1972
Address 1776 Peachtree Street NW
Suite 715 South Tower
Atlanta, GA 30309


The Libertarian Party of Georgia is a state affiliate of the United States Libertarian Party.

Executive committee[]

Name Position
Daniel N. Adams Chairman
Doug Harman Vice Chairman
David Kornbluh Treasurer
David Shock Secretary
Brett Bittner Executive Director
Crystal Gross Operations Director
(open position) Legislative Director
Doug Craig Political Director
(open position) Technology Director

2008 candidates[]

In 2008 Allen Buckley ran for US Senator receiving 128,002 votes for 3.4% of the vote.

2007 candidates[]

In 2007 Jim Sendelbach ran in Georgia's 10th congressional district special election. Sendelbach received 710 votes for 1.31% of the vote and an eighth place finish.

2006 candidates[]

  • Garrett Hayes – Governor
  • Allen Buckley – Lt. Governor
  • Kevin Madsen – Secretary of State
  • David Chastain – State School Superintendent
  • Jack Cashin – Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Paul MacGregor – Public Service Commission (District 3)
  • Kevin Cherry – Public Service Commission (District 5)
  • Jim Sendelbach – GA Senate District 43
  • John Monds – Grady County School Board (District 2)

Currently elected officials[]

Currently elected officials are:[1]

  • Karen Richardson – John's Creek City Council
  • Freddie Odom – Bluffton City Council
  • Brett Bittner – Cobb County School Board

Previously elected officials[]

  • Jeff Edgens – Irwinton City Council
  • Ben Brandon – Dade County Executive
  • Bruce E. VanBuren – Avondale Estates Mayor Pro-Tem, Avondale Estates City Commission
  • Jerry Meyer – Hoschton City Council
  • Dewayne Methaney – Auburn City Commission
  • Mike Hanson – Brooks Town Council
  • Jim Lenahan – Suwanee Planning and Zoning Commission

Operations Director: Brett C. Bittner
Legislative Director: Jason Pye
Political Director: Doug Craig
New Media Director: David Staples
At-Large: Chrisine Austin, David Shock, Amanda Blackburn, Kevin Cherry
District 1: John Monds
District 2: David Corr
District 2: Jason McCart
District 2: Bill Raser
District 3: Chris Barber
District 3: Daniel Bryant
District 3: Chad Colopy
District 3: Jay Whitney
District 4: Brandon Lee
District 5: James Bell
District 5: Matt Godown, Ziad Minkara, Mike Wilson

Past Officers, Committee Members, and Other Contacts[]

Jack Aiken, chair, vice chair
Christine Austin, membership director
Nelson Barnhouse, representative (district 7)
Dawn Beene, fundraising director
Aleq Boyle, representative (district 10)
Philip Bradley, fundraising director, representative (district 5)
Frederick N. Brier, publications director
David Brookshire, affiliate development director, representative (district 4)
Pat Brookshire, publications director
Jason Butler, political director, representative district 6)
Tracee Carlisle, representative (district 5)
Michael Cartwright, chair, vice chair
David Center, representative (districts 11 and 12)
Tom Chernetsky, membership director, representative (at large)
Kevin Cherry, representative (district 8)
Chad Colopy, representative (at large)
David Corr, representative (district 3)
Bill Costa, legislation director
Doug Craig, membership director
Chris Crawford, representative (district 7)
Kathy Daugherty, treasurer
Rick Day, legislation director
Dave Dellinger, press secretary
Dave Depriest, representative (district 6)
Chad Elwartowski, representative (district 9)
Chris Farris, representative (district 7)
Dr. Helmut Forren, chair, vice chair, representative (at large)
Tom Freese, publications director
Denise Frix, representative (district 4)
Herbie Galloway, representative (district 8)
Jason Gibson, representative (district 11)
Garrett Michael Hayes, vice chair
Brian Hedrick, representative (districts 7 and 9)
Guy H. Hardigree, representative (district 5)
Lee Hunt, representative (district 3)
Thomas Johnson, affiliate development director, representative (at large)
Doyle Jones, secretary, representative (district 4)
Todd King, representative (district 13)
David M. Kornbluh, representative (district 6)
Lynn Krogseng, volunteer coordinator
Paul MacGregor, political director
Michael Mealling, representative (district 11)
Lance Mortenson, vice chair, representative (district 6)
Mark Mosley, chair, executive director
Chris Parker, representative (district 11)
Wayne Parker, treasurer, secretary
Ginny Peary, representative (district 5)
Tom Peary, secretary
Mike Powers, press secretary
Jason Pye, chair, at-large representative
Randy Reynolds ("Big Randy for little government"), representative (districts 10 and 11)
Tim Saari, representative (district 10)
Ben Scherrey, representative (district 6)
Don Schiff, campus outreach director
Ted Skirvin, representative (district 11)
Mark Solomon, representative (district 5)
Trevor Southerland, affiliate development director
Bill Tepper, treasurer, representative (at large)
Tony Trauring, representative (district 4)
John Turcotte, representative (district 6)
Scott Turner, representative (district 7)
Bob Wamsley, representative (district 4)
Barry Wearne, representative (district 13)
Brett Wilcox, representative (district 5)
Dick Withington, representative (at large)
Russell Young, representative (district 6)

Former Employees[]

Trevor Southerland, Glenn Tatum and Mark Mosley have served in the position of Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Georgia.


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