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Libertarian Party of Connecticut


Chairperson Dan Reale
Vice-Chair Roger Misbach
Treasurer Jesse Brohinsky
Secretary Jeffrey Thibeault

LNC Region 5 - North



The Libertarian Party of Connecticut is a statewide affiliate of the Libertarian Party (United States). According to the bylaws posted on its web site, its purpose is "to engage in political, educational, and social activities in order to preserve, protect, promote and defend individual freedom and conduct the following activities consistent with the Statement of Principles of the National Libertarian Party..." A list of six principles, including "supporting National Libertarian Party candidates," follows this statement.

The party leadership declined to endorse celebrity author Ann Coulter in a run for Congress in 2000, in a bid against Chris Shays for the 4th district. As a result, her congressional campaign did not take place.[1][2]


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Past Officers[]

Lenny Rasch, chair
Linda Rasch, vice chair
Richard Lion, chair
Carl Vassar, chair
Walter Gengarelly, vice chair
Marc Guttman, vice chair
Ken Mosher, secretary,


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