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Jefferson Republican Party
Founded 2006
Preceded by None, but it is based on the Democratic-Republican Party
Ideology No official platform, but it is largely Anti-War and pro State's rights
Political position Right
International affiliation N/A
Colors N/A

The Jefferson Republican Party (JRP) is a minor political party in the United States.

The JRP was organized in 2006 by former members of the Constitution Party in Alabama, Arkansas and North Carolina and claims ideological descent from the original Democratic-Republican Party founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in 1792. While the party does not have an official party platform, it attempts to follow the statements issued by Thomas Jefferson in January 1799. It is supportive of a smaller role for the federal government, of States' rights issues and is largely anti-war, calling for limited intervention in foreign matters. The Jefferson Republican Party has no direct affiliation with the far larger U.S. Republican Party.

Jefferson Republican Party member Carl Whitaker ran as a candidate in the Tennessee gubernatorial election, 2006 and the party endorsed Roy Moore as a write-in candidate for governor in the 2006 Alabama general election. The party endorsed Ron Paul for the 2008 presidential election[1] and also for the 2012 presidential election.[2] In March, 2010 the JRP endorsed former State Senator Jim Holt for U.S. Senator from Arkansas and Mark Martin for Secretary of State in Arkansas.

The JRP is currently active in Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, New Mexico, Arizona and California as well as having an active online presence. The Party is against illegal immigration.[3] The Jefferson Republican Party uses the Betsy Ross flag and images of Thomas Jefferson as its party symbols. The Jefferson Republican Party publicly condemned the March 19, 2011, Coalition Air Strikes on Libya and called for an immediate halt to military actions.[4]

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