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James A. "Jim" Lewis (1933 – February 22, 1997) was the Libertarian Party's Vice-Presidential candidate in the 1984 U.S. presidential election


Lewis graduated from Babson College in 1958, and spent many years as a salesman for the General Book Binding Company of Cleveland, Ohio.[1]

Lewis ran in 1982 for U.S. Senate in Connecticut as a Libertarian finishing fourth (receiving 8,163 votes (0.8%))[2] and had served for a time as a representative to the Libertarian National Committee.

In 1984 he shared the national ticket with David Bergland.[3] The ticket received 228,111 votes (0.3%) to finish third overall.[4] Lewis, from his home in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, made campaign stops across the United States during his campaign, and co-authored a book with Jim Peron, entitled Liberty Reclaimed.Template:Citation needed

In 1987 Lewis ran for the 1988 Libertarian Party presidential nomination finishing third with 12.8% of the vote at the 1987 Libertarian National Convention. Lewis finished behind nominee Ron Paul (51.3%) and Russell Means (31.4%).[5]

He died in Old Saybrook.


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