Faustino Ballvé (1887-1959) was a Spanish / Mexican economist.

Life[edit | edit source]

Ballvé was born in Barcelona. He was trained as a lawyer before studying economics in London. When he was a teenager, he published a republican newspaper, and during the Spanish Civil war of the 1930's, he was elected deputy. 

But at the moment when the struggle raged between fascism and communism, liberal ideas were unwelcome. Ballvé left his native country to go to France and then to Mexico. He obtained Mexican nationality in 1943 and stayed there until his death in 1959 . In Mexico, he taught law and economics, where he exposes liberal ideas to the greatest number. 

He died in Mexico.

Recognition[edit | edit source]

His work has been translated into French (by Raoul Audouin) and English (by Arthur Goddardd).

Publications[edit | edit source]

  • Esquema de metodología jurídica. México: Ediciones Botas, 1956.
  • "On Methodology in Economics" , in On Freedom and Free Enterprise (edited by Mary Sennholz). Princeton, NJ: Van Nostrand, 1956
    • in Spanish as "La Metodologia en Economia", Revista Libertas 9 (October, 1988)
  • The Living Economy. Paris: Ed. Sédif, 1957.
  • Essentials of Economics (translated & edited by Arthur Goddard). Princeton, NJ: Van Nostrand, 1964

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References[edit | edit source]

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