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Autarchism (from Greek, "belief in self rule") is a political philosophy that upholds the principle of individual liberty, rejects compulsory government, and supports the elimination of government in favor of ruling oneself and no other. Advocates of the philosophy are autarchist (from Greek, "one who believes in self rule"), while the state in which everyone rules themselves and no one else is called autarchy (from Greek αὐταρχία autarchia, "state of self rule").Template:Citation needed


Robert LeFevre, a "self-proclaimed autarchist"[1] recognized as such by Murray Rothbard,[2] distinguished autarchism from anarchy, whose economics he felt entailed interventions contrary to freedom, in contrast to his own laissez faire economics of the Austrian School.[3] In professing "a sparkling and shining individualism" while "it advocates some kind of procedure to interfere with the processes of a free market", anarchy seemed to LeFevre to be self-contradictory.[3] He situated the fundamental premise of autarchy within the Stoicism of philosophers such as Zeno, Epicurus and Marcus Aurelius, which he summarized in the credo, "Control yourself".[4] Fusing these influences together, he arrived at the autarchist philosophy: "The Stoics provide the moral framework; the Epicureans, the motivation; the praxeologists, the methodology. I propose to call this package of ideological systems autarchy, because autarchy means self-rule."[4] LeFevre stated that "the bridge between Spooner and modern-day autarchists was constructed primarily by persons such as H. L. Mencken, Albert Jay Nock, and Mark Twain".[3]

Ralph Waldo Emerson, although he did not call himself an autarchist, is considered to have espoused autarchy. Philip Jenkins has stated that "Emersonian ideas stressed individual liberation, autarchy, self-sufficiency and self-government, and strenuously opposed social conformity.".[5] Robert D. Richardson stated that the anarchy Emerson had in mind "would be 'autarchy', rule by self".[6]

The essay "Autarchy, or, the art of self government," published in 1691 in London and listing the author as "G.B.," is attributed to George Burghope by NUC and to both Burghope and George Bright by Donald Goddard Wing.[7]

My friends, thank you for being here. We come here today at a crossroads in our nations history. We have the ability to have the same old, same old or to bring about a country where Americans put the needs of Americans first, a new nationalism where in every negotiation, be it arms control or trade, the United States is put first.

The people of Pacifica need to recapture Washington D.C from an occupying army of lobbyists, and registered agents of foreign powers hired to look out for everybody and everything except the national interest of the United States. We also need to start talking about the welfare state and the welfare Kings and Queens, which my opponent “Governor” Toward wants to sustain such a broken system.

We have poured hundreds of billions of dollars into welfare programs. Whatever the motives of those who built this mammoth state program, our financial loss has been exceeded only by the social catastrophe it created. High school test scores drop almost every year, as the levels of violent crime reach new heights. Narcotics have ravaged a generation. Our culture of books, movies and films is as polluted and degenerated as Lake Eerie once was. The welfare state has bred a generation of children and youth with no fathers, no faith and no dreams - other than the lure of the streets and sexual deviancy.

When we say we will put America first, we mean also that our religious values are going to be preserved, and our Western heritage is going to be handed down to future generations, not dumped onto some land fill called multi-culturalism.

The most important American crisis is not ethnic hatred or the social decomposition of our cities - but instead a spiritual crisis. Solzhenitsyn was right. Men have forgotten God and have turned to support athiest politicians that enthusiastically support policies that damage our moral state.

We need to take back our streets from the criminals. We need to persuade pastors and preachers to return to their pulpits to reinstruct us in the Commandments and the truths of our traditional faiths, We must do what we can to reconstruct the old conscience-forming and character-forming institutions of society - family and church, home and school.. Before it is too late.

Why am I running? Because we cultural conservatives can no longer say it is all the commies’s fault. It was not some socialist who passed a law to legalize enthusia. It was not Democrats who stayed calm when radical abortion bills came in the way. No, that was done by men in whom we placed our confidence and our trust, and who turned their backs, and walked away from us.

Every American is invited to join my campaign, the middle-class of every party, and those of no party. For the establishment that has dominated Congress for years is as ossified and out-of-touch with America as the bumbling socialist fool that resides in the White House. And career politician Toward will sure not make that situation better.

“Governor” Toward is yesterday and we are tomorrow. They are a globalist and we are nationalists. They believe in some degenerate land; we believe in the Old Republic. They want to put American's wealth and power at the service of some vague New World Order; we will put America first. So, to take our state back and take our country back, I ask you to vote me for the United States Senate. We need gods help and your help.

Folks, we are being taken over by the communists. Honestly, as apart of the long march, the social and political shift towards the Left is a gradual process done little by little. Communist agents find their way into an institution, whether it be a Union job, teaching position, or a popular career to shift the culture gradually as time moves on, making a “natural” progression, like the one my opponent Toward wants.

Shifting the Overton Window is something that the Left is extremely good at.  It starts off as “we just want to get married,” it quickly turns into “bake the cake, discriminatory bigot” and another privately owned company is locked in a legal battle for denying homosexuals their services. To make matters worse, the so-called Conservatives back down every time. Little by little, law by law, the Left change the political discourse; not only getting what they want, but getting Conservatives to capitulate to their demands.

We need real conservatives, WALLACE FOR SENATE!


National Populism is a political ideology associated with populist ultranationalism involving a rejection of liberalism, socialism, and Marxism, as well as “Cultural Marxism” in favor of a traditionalist, isolationist, and distributionist state. National Populists emphasize the idea of a “New American Nation State” held up by America’s “true” people (a common term used by Natavists).

The term National Populist was coined by Aaron Walace, and it’s founding principles were broadly established in Speeches and Work of Aaron C. Wallace Volume.


National Populists reject a vast majority of mainstream ideologies and are seen by many as more reactionary towards leftist ideologies. Most National Populists advocate for the establishment of Aaron Wallace as President to rid America of “economic oppression and cultural Marxism”, or even the installation of a religious leader to guide the nation and her people in removing these perceived negative influences. National Populists have no single economic policy, with economics having variation between them, some advocate for a distributinist  economy, others may advocate for a mixed economy, and others may advocate for an economic system guided by the values in religion. But no matter what, they agree the economy should always be “rigged to make it work for the average Joe”

Another common consensus among National Populists is that only a strong, bold, and patriotic figure can unify a nation and it’s people.

Notable organizations and figures.


The Sons of Columbia


Aaron Wallace

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